The first song Cillian Murphy ever fell in love with

Cillian Murphy

In contemporary film, Cillian Murphy is a highly regarded character. After starring in independent films such as Intermission and 28 Days Later in the early 2000s, Murphy established a strong career in Hollywood by collaborating with filmmaker Christopher Nolan for a long time. After working together on Batman Begins and five more movies, they completed the blockbuster Oppenheimer, their most recent project.

Murphy developed his acting skills in regional productions. He gained fame in the US, notably as Tommy Shelby in the critically acclaimed series Peaky Blinders. However, Murphy was about to make a move into the music industry. This was before he became well-known as a prominent figure in the film industry. His love of music played a big role in his creative process. It first inspired him to think about a career in the music business before deciding to pursue acting.

Cillian Murphy was especially passionate about music when he was younger. The aspiring performer and his brother played in a group called The Sons of Mr. Green Genes. They were even offered a record deal with Acid Jazz Records to record five albums. Murphy’s love of music remained, though, even after they turned down his offer to become an actor. He told NME, “I started off listening to a lot of Nick Drake because that’s just what you do, isn’t it, in your early twenties?”

Despite having a wide taste in music, Cillian Murphy was first exposed to a lot of traditional Irish music as a young child. When he was younger, “a lot of that was played,” he recalled. “As a child, I would have attended numerous traditional sessions. Most likely, I was dozing off in the corner while enjoying a Club Orange and a packet of crisps. All of that, I kind of rejected it, but now I adore it. My dad used vinyl for his vintage traditional records. I started listening to them, and I really liked them.

He does, however, mention the Fab Four when talking about the first song that truly won his heart. He only needed to hear The Beatles‘ hit song “Love Me Do” to realize how much he loved music. “I believe my dad may have The Beatles: 20 Greatest Hits on record, and [The Beatles] were playing around the house,” he remarked. It was most likely “Love Me Do” or something similar. The first track on the first side was that one. Rock ‘n’ roll is that. I still clearly recall that harmonica solo.

Fortunately, Murphy’s passion for music had an impact on his career even though he was never able to follow his musical dreams. While Nolan collaborates and wins awards, Murphy hosts a well-liked show on BBC Radio 6, showcasing his wide range of musical preferences. This allows him to go deeper into his most cherished musical compositions. “Playing music on my favorite radio station in the world is one of my favorite things in the world,” he once said to the BBC.

Fans have gained insight into Murphy’s diverse musical preferences in addition to providing a platform for his musical inclinations thanks to the show. These tastes frequently reflect a distinctive blend that is characteristic of Radio 6. With his work at the BBC, Murphy disclosed that he was a fan of a number of musicians and songs. He specifically mentioned that he was a fan of Fontaines D.C., an Irish group.
















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