The first song Dave Grohl ever wrote and recorded

Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl was still figuring things out as a musician before Foo Fighters and Nirvana, even though he’s been at the top of his game for decades.

Of course, his story earned a reputation over time. The Virginia native would rise quickly behind the kit, inspired by The Beatles when he was younger. Neil Peart of Rush and John Bonham of Led Zeppelin then pushed him into drumming. Having the instrument would enable him to break into the music business and become a legendary figure.

Grohl was a gifted musician when he was younger; in 1986, at the age of 17. He exaggerated his age during an audition for the well-known hardcore punk group Scream. To be considered for the role, he had to pretend to be a year older. They eventually invited him to join as a demonstration of his ability. The invitation astonished him so much that he left school early, eager to begin the next chapter of his life.” I was 17 and really eager to see the world, so I did it,” he recalled afterward.

Dave Grohl became a member of Scream from 1986 until their dissolution in 1990. It turned out to be a significant time for a number of reasons. It helped him see the world and grow as a person. But it also helped him get better at what he did behind the drum kit, which finally made it possible for him to join Nirvana later that year.

But in an outtake from the 2014 Foo Fighters documentary miniseries Sonic Highways. They made it clear in 2017 that he was also reaching new heights in terms of his overall musicality during this time, including his guitar and singing. Grohl wrote and recorded his debut song, “Gods Look Down,” while playing in the band Churn. He worked with producers Barrett Jones and Stafford Mather when he wasn’t on tour with Scream. Amazingly, Grohl and Jones played the song again in the show after all these years.

The demo of the first song Dave Grohl ever wrote and recorded received a mixed response from him. He took issue with his vocal performance even though it seemed like he was enjoying the guitar riff and tone. Frontman of Foo Fighters said, “I sound like a girl.” “My balls haven’t dropped yet, I believe.”

Barrett Jones uploaded the previously unreleased video, which featured a man sitting next to Grohl at the mixing desk from 2014’s Sonic Highways to YouTube. In 1995, he co-produced the Foo Fighters’ self-titled debut album. He currently owns a Laundry Room Studio.

Jones offers more details about “Gods Look Down” in the clip’s bio. He penned: “PLEASE NOTE: this song’s recording date is incorrectly listed in the video as 1990; it actually dates back to late 1988 or early 1989. This was recorded prior to the Scream version, anyway. Dave played every instrument on the song—it was his debut. Dave had previously collaborated with Barrett Jones on numerous recordings at Laundry Room, beginning in 1985 with the bands “Freak Baby” and “Mission Impossible” and continuing through “Dain Bramage” in 1986–87. When Dave wasn’t touring with Scream, from early 1989 to late 1990, he recorded any shows he did with the band “Churn,” which consisted of Dave (drums), Barrett Jones (guitar and vocals), and Stafford Mather (bass). The recording of this song took place during one of these sessions.”

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