The guitarist that gave lesson to Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones

jimmy page and john paul jones

Led Zeppelin continues to be regarded as one of the greatest rock and roll bands. The band was formed in 1968 and consisted of vocalist Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, bassist/keyboardist John Paul Jones, and drummer John Bonham. Led Zeppelin released numerous successful albums and classic rock hits that are well-known around the world. Their innovative and distinct sound has influenced numerous rock bands.

Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones made significant contributions to the success of Led Zeppelin throughout their careers. Jones was in charge of the band’s classic bass lines, whereas Page created guitar riffs using his own techniques. They were both session musicians before joining Led Zeppelin, and they achieved international fame as members of the iconic rock band.

Given their contributions to Zeppelin, there is no doubt that both guitarists possess distinct talents. Nonetheless, it appears that someone gave them some guitar lessons prior to their career with Led Zeppelin. Let’s figure out who that person was.

John McLaughlin Gave Guitar Lessons To Jimmy Page And John Paul Jones

John McLaughlin, a talented guitarist and pioneer of jazz fusion, contributed to a number of key British groups in the early 1960s. According to the musician, he taught Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones how to play guitar before Led Zeppelin formed.

During an interview with Dave Lawrence in 2018, McLaughlin was asked if it was true that he gave Jimmy Page lessons. Confirming that he did, the guitarist stated that he was 18 years old at the time and Page was 17. He then explained that because of their young age, he only taught him a few chords. McLaughlin then revealed that he collaborated with John Paul Jones in an R&B band called Herbie Goins And The Nightimers. Following that, he claimed to have taught Jones harmony long before Zeppelin formed.

When asked if he gave Jimmy Page guitar lessons, John McLaughlin responded:

“Yeah, but he was about 17 and I was 18. What will I teach him? ‘Do you know this chord, Jimmy?’ We didn’t spend much time together, but we did become friends.

The entire gang, including John Paul Jones… I was a member of the R&B band Herbie Goins And The Nightimers, which included John Paul Jones. And I taught him harmony before Zeppelin even existed.”

It appears that Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones spent some time with John McLaughlin back then. Perhaps the musician had some influence on both guitarists.

Check out the interview below, in which John McLaughlin discusses his musical contributions and his time with Page and Jones.

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