The iconic rock band Keith Richards called “copycat”

Keith Richards

Keith Richards, the renowned guitarist for the Rolling Stones, is well-known for his direct and frequently brutally honest criticism of other musicians. Following the release of their breakthrough album, Appetite For Destruction, in 1988, Guns N’ Roses became widely recognized as one of the world’s most prominent bands. However, Richards had some doubts.

Despite Richards’ disagreement with the group, Slash, the guitarist for Guns N’ Roses, owes a great deal to The Rolling Stones for his musical taste. Slash showed great respect for The Rolling Stones during an interview on Jonesy’s Jukebox, which was hosted by former Sex Pistols punk Steve Jones. He described the band’s back catalog as his “favorite music of all time.”  He also mentioned Let It Bleed and Beggars Banquet as two of his favorite albums.

“The Stones were and continue to be my life’s music for a very long time. Slash added, “My parents were huge Stones fans as well. “Sympathy For The Devil” was also covered by Slash and Guns N’ Roses for the soundtrack of Interview With the Vampire. Richards thought they might use some fashion advice, but he didn’t have any serious criticisms of their musical performance. In fact, he praised their success.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Richards expressed his opinion, saying, “It’s impressive that they’ve succeeded in spite of some opposition from the radio industry.” I respect their bravery. But posing is overdone. They appear to be two different members of the band—one who looks like Jimmy and the other who looks like Ronnie. For me, there’s too much posing and copying. In order to discuss the music, I haven’t listened to the entire album.

Even though Guns N’ Roses had a big influence on the 1980s rock and roll scene. They obviously didn’t live up to Richards’ standards of perfection. He feels that there is more to rock music than just the sound element. He did, however, demonstrate a certain amount of introspection when he continued, saying, “I’m a very strict taskmaster. I’m aware that everyone will comment, “Oh, it seems like he’s making fun of everyone.”

Despite this, Keith Richards afterward assisted in avoiding the disbandment of Guns N’ Roses when Slash was having obstacles. Even though he did ultimately break up with the group. Richards’ advice helped him stay in the band longer compared to what he had meant.

“The Stones were recording Voodoo Lounge. When Keith questioned me about my activities with guns, I informed him of Axl’s situation. “You never give up,” Keith told Mojo in 2009. I gave what he said a lot of thought. Among the few people I look up to is Keith Richards. He provided me with the resources I needed to return to rehearsal with an entirely new perspective. “It kept me in there for as long as humanly possible,” he continued. Unfortunately, I was working with someone who only wanted to bring the ship down.”


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