The Martial Arts will help Ozzy Osbourne get him back On stage

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne has a strong determination about his desire. He wants to return to the concert stage. However, due to his current health issues in recent years, he could not fulfill his dream. In the recent edition of “The Osbournes Podcast”, he shared a positive update about his health. He also mentioned that he would return to perform live.

In the recent podcast, Ozzy Osburne revealed his recent trip to the doctor. He was announced as blood clot-free by the doctors. He explained his feelings saying” I’m feeling happier. Yesterday I felt incredible. I was relieved when I heard the news about my blood clots. But It took forever to eliminate them.”

After the health discussion, he also disclosed about going to take up tai chi. He was about to take tai chi to help him recover and return to the stage. Ozzy Expressed “ It’s a fresh journey. I will try to do it. It helps with balance.”

Ozzy Osbourne has already undergone several operations in recent few years. Although suffering from several health issues, he tried to return to the stage but only could appear with  Post Malone at the 2019 American Music Awards, playing the 2022 NFL Kickoff Game in Los Angeles, and appearing with Tony Iommi at the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

What exactly is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art. People usually practice it to learn self-defense. Tai chi even has lots of health benefits. It involves slow, gentle movements and deep breathing. It’s like a dance to keep the mind and body in proper shape. People usually practice it to improve their flexibility, get better posture, and for overall body. Any age person can perform this art. 

Ozzy Osbourne  Shared His Plans for the Future.

Osbourne is determined to continue his music career, Even though he withdrew his plan for a power trip this week. Last month he successfully had spinal surgery. Now he is thinking of making a new solo Album in 2024.

He expressed himself with Metal Hammer last September. He said, “ I have completed my all surgery. I am feeling better now. I thought I would recover months before but I can’t just adapt myself to this kind of living.”

Though he couldn’t stand and walk properly, he was thankful for his life. He said ”I am not in pain anymore. My surgery went very well. I am trying to make myself fit. I did two albums recently and I want to do more albums and I want to come back.”


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