The Night Mick Jagger Left Angelina Jolie for Farah Fawcett

Mick Jagger

The mysterious and sensual lead singer of The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, is the subject of countless stories that are just waiting to be told, but no one could have predicted this kind of story. These characters contain enough nuanced reality to have some flavor, even though every sentence could use a good pinch of salt.

Over their decades at the top of the rock pile, the band has encountered many difficulties, despite being well-known for leading a rock and roll lifestyle to the letter. Jagger typically handled the sexcapades of that all-too-famous phrase, but drugs and rock & roll were always more his countryman Keith Richards’ purview. A specific date with the young actress Angelina Jolie best demonstrates this.

Christopher Anderson’s book Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger claims that the frontman of the Rolling Stones has had over 4,000 sexual encounters with women, some of whom were well-known faces. Jagger’s charm is said to have led to relationships with pop music icon Madonna and young Angelina Jolie. He also reportedly had a relationship with the former First Lady of France, Carla Bruni. She allegedly obsessed with Jagger, leading to her breakup with Donald Trump. According to the book, Jagger attempted to pursue Eric Clapton’s first wife, Pattie Boyd, but was unsuccessful.

However, two years after his fruitless attempts to date Boyd, Jagger crossed paths with Clapton, who was dating Carla Bruni, a 23-year-old Italian model. Clapton pleaded with Mick, “Please, not this one.” I believe I’ve found love.

But in typical Jagger fashion, he had an affair with Bruni in a couple of days. Clapton said that his obsession with Mick and Carla consumed him for the rest of that year. “It took some gory turns when I realized she was there when I appeared as a guest with the Stones on a few shows.”

The book says, “The groupies were always swarming around Mick.” “And a young woman named Madonna was among the more annoying ones, according to the other groupies in the circle in New York in the early ’80s.”

Although Jagger’s sexual exploits are detailed in the book, some of the stories require a strong dose of corny flavorings in order to be genuinely credible. Still, it’s obvious that some of them seem incredibly plausible. One tale that keeps straddling the edges of credibility is his brief early meeting with Jolie. She was 23 years old at the time.

Jagger became somewhat obsessed with the actor. The Rolling Stones hired her to play a stripper in their music video for “Anybody Seen My Baby.”  “She scares me a little—I like that,” Jagger allegedly said at the time. The rock star turned down Angelina Jolie for a while because she was already married to Jonny Lee Miller. However, Jagger didn’t stop calling the actor. Her mother’s friend Lauren Taines, who was present for the rock star’s answerphone messages, initially called them “astonishing.” She then asserted that Jagger was “virtually sobbing.”

Jolie eventually gave in and consented to go on a date with the singer of “Brown Sugar.”

Jagger must be a happy man, then. The singer was 64 at the time, was able to get a date with a woman who was 40 years younger than him. She was among the most attractive people on the planet. Does he buy her a gift or some flowers? Does he prepare something elaborate, and does he get in some last-minute prep?

Nope. According to the book, Mick Jagger leaves the date early to spend one night with legendary actor Farah Fawcett. Anderson’s book states that it was brief. What makes it fascinating is that it happened while Angelina Jolie and Mick were at a party. And he vanished with Farrah.

In spite of his inappropriate behavior on their first date, Jagger managed to persuade Jolie to see him again. And they had a somewhat covert two-year romance in between their hectic schedules.

Thus, even though you might occasionally consider yourself to be a bit of a ladies’ man or even a Casanova. But keep in mind that you will never have Mick Jagger’s smoothness.


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