The Nirvana song Kurt Cobain Wrote to ‘Mock’ Led Zeppelin

led zeppelin

Nirvana and Led Zeppelin have secured esteemed positions within the illustrious realm of rock music. Yet, it’s worth noting that Kurt Cobain’s sentiments toward Led Zeppelin were not always warm. He once chose to part ways with his Zeppelin albums, exchanging them for a mediocre sum of money.

In a conversation with Interview Magazine, Cobain shared his musical journey with Adam Snyder. He recounted his early days, strumming to tunes by The Cars and AC/DC. Then, he also went through his shift toward the punk rock genre, a transformation of his musical tastes.

In his own words, Kurt Cobain explained his decision to part ways with his Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin albums for a mere twelve dollars. This choice marked a departure from his origins in hard rock, as he enthusiastically embraced the musical offerings of bands like MDC and Black Flag.

When the question arose about his perception of Led Zeppelin’s music as outdated, Cobain candidly explained everything.

Further elaborating on his stance, he highlighted that he enjoyed some of the tracks Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin presented. However, as time passed, Cobain’s awareness grew regarding a noteworthy aspect of their content. A major one was the prevailing presence of themes tinged with sexism.

This realization prompted him to reflect, sharing that he gradually recognized how a substantial portion of the lyrics carried by these bands were saturated with perspectives that he found uncomfortable.

Cobain continued, delving into his discomfort with the explicit and sexual nature of their lyrics, particularly during his later years in high school. This realization played a pivotal role in guiding him towards punk rock.

In the trajectory of Nirvana’s early tracks, the emergence of “Aero Zeppelin” dates back to a recording session in 1988 led by the renowned Seattle producer Jack Endino.

This track offered a glimpse into Nirvana’s evolving style, with a stronger inclination towards punk influences. Dale Crover, the drummer for Melvins, contributed his beats after the departure of the original Nirvana drummer, Aaron Burckhard.

However, it’s notable that Nirvana swiftly evolved beyond the chaotic essence of “Aero Zeppelin.” The band gravitated towards more structured chord progressions and impactful variations in sound. They drew inspiration from the dynamic musical style of the Pixies.

Within a year of creating their initial demo and after welcoming Chad Channing into the fold, Nirvana unveiled their debut album, ‘Bleach.’

This album merely hinted at the immense musical force that Nirvana was destined to become. “Aero Zeppelin,” while standing out as an early and unpolished composition, showcased a glimpse of the band’s formative stage.

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