The one drummer Keith Moon called “perfect”

Keith Moon

Keith Moon carved a legendary reputation as the rhythmic mastermind behind the British rock and roll giants The Who, which continues to this day. Moon’s one-of-a-kind, relaxed, and energetic drumming approach marked him distinct and won him followers all over the world. Moon, along with the equally quirky yet immensely gifted Ginger Baker, was instrumental in popularizing the double bass drum style, which has since become a regular characteristic of alternative music’s heavier genres.

Unlike most aspiring drummers, Keith Moon showed little interest in his drumming heroes, even with his unconventional style. Even though he lived in his universe, leaving a legacy that would inspire future generations. There were a few people who captivated his attention.

As a pioneer, the first time he found himself behind a kit is hazy, so much so that he joked about it during an interview with Rolling Stone: “Jesus Christ, I think I got a free drum kit in a packet of corn flakes,” The Who man jokingly responded before inexplicably adding, “But no, drum solos are fucking boring.” It could be any type of solo. It detracts from the group’s identity.”

Delving into his chosen drummers’ core proves challenging, and it seems a struggle not readily coming to him. When asked if he has any drummers he admires, he replied, “Not many,” before identifying some names.

D.J. Fontana is one,” he said. Let’s see, the drummers I admire are Eric Delaney and Bob Henrit, and I have a long list of others for various reasons. Joe Morello is technically flawless. I don’t have a personal favorite drummer. I only have a few favorite drum pieces. I’d never put on an LP of a drummer and say, ‘I love everything he did,’ because that’s not true.”

Morello, an American jazz drummer best known for his contributions to the Dave Brubeck Quartet, was praised for his sophisticated time signatures and rhythms. His musical prowess significantly contributed to the quartet’s popularity. Morello was a key member of the quartet’s legendary lineup, which also included Paul Desmond. Desmond wrote ‘Take Five‘ specifically to highlight Morello’s outstanding ability to play in a 5/4 time signature.

Unsurprisingly, Morello is well acclaimed by many, including Iron Maiden’s Nicko McBrain and Deep Purple’s Ian Paice. However, earning praise from Moon is particularly noteworthy. Moon’s description of Morello’s technical prowess as “perfect” is one of the highest praises he could bestow. Moon had a charismatic, often unbothered exterior. However, he was also a dedicated drummer who adored the instrument and its limitless potential. However, impressing him was no simple task, and everyone he acknowledged felt overjoyed.

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