Kid Rock Blamed a Person For Leaked Explicit Tape.

Kid Rock

Kid Rock surprised the music industry when a video of his explicit activity was leaked. The video contains the singer and four of his fans on a tour bus. Red Light District, a California-based company captured the videotape. The company is well-known for distributing the notorious 2004 Paris Hilton s*x tape. Rock blamed someone else for leaking the tape.

According to the musician, it was Creed frontman Scott Stapp who leaked the sx video. The video consists of two fully drunk men. They were performing oral Sx with those female fans.

Meanwhile, Kid in an interview in 2006 said that “ It’s perfect timing. I have a recording to be launched soon….I think I should thank that person. It’s not a big announcement for a person like me in rock ‘n roll.”

 In addition, Stapp said that someone stole the tape. Rock opposed the statement. After that, Stapp claims that the tape was self-made by Scott in 1999 in Rock’s motor house. later on, he lost the tape.

Kid Rock replied  “ He is the most fool person. The video is already public and I blame him totally for this.”

Stapp said that someone stole the S*x Videotape. The main purpose behind the stolen tape was to ruin the fame and popularity of Kid. But Rock denied this statement and found the idea ridiculous. He said, “ Why would someone want to destroy his career when the video in question was his.”

Rock said that he had invited Stapp to his motor house. There were four dancers. The frontman asked him to be part of the video recording. So he decided to dance with those four girls. Rock had only two beers with him. He decided to give one to Stapp.

After some time both Kid and Stapp decided to take legal action. In addition, they filed a case in California. They did so to stop the tape from being distributed. Kid Rock got a restraining order from the judge. This order was to stop the continued distribution of the tape. Later Scott settled in 2007, where they didn’t admit that the tape belonged to them. Red Light District agreed to stop the distribution of the video.


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