The Singer Robert Plant Called “Heavenly”

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From an early age, Robert Plant had a strong desire to perform. He looked up to Elvis Presley as one of his earliest inspirations. As he grew up, he developed a deep love for blues music. He even left school to join the emerging blues music scene in the Midlands.

After some time, Plant went on to create Led Zeppelin, a band that would become one of the most influential classic rock groups of the 1970s. He was well-known for his incredible singing and his captivating presence on stage. Plant found enormous success with Led Zeppelin, writing hit songs like ‘Stairway to Heaven.’

But even before that, back in 1966, he founded Band of Joy. This band blended blues with a touch of psychedelic influence.

Over the years, Band of Joy went through various lineup changes, including John Bonham. They disbanded in 1968, which paved the way for the birth of Led Zeppelin. Plant was not part of the Band of Joy’s revival in 1977. However, in 2010, he decided to start “Robert Plant & the Band of Joy.”

Together, they recorded an album titled “Band of Joy,” which received critical acclaim as one of the year’s best releases. During this period, Plant collaborated with American singer-songwriter Patty Griffin, who added her vocals to the album. Their collaboration also led to a romantic relationship.

The connection between Plant and Griffin was immediate. Plant shared with The Independent in 2012, “I ran off to Texas with Patty. So now I spend half my time there and half here.”

However, his manager later clarified to E! News that “Robert has not married Patty Griffin. He was just referring to the fact that he’s been residing in Texas.”

Nevertheless, they enjoyed three years together before parting ways in 2013. Plant told The Independent, “My feelings are a mix of sadness and regret. But I also had to return to Worcestershire to realize how much I valued what I left behind.”

Despite their separation, Plant continues to hold Griffin in high regard. In a 2017 article for The Guardian, he expressed his admiration for the folk singer. Discussing their cover of Low’s ‘Silver Rider,’ he noted, “Our singing was so sensual that we ended up singing it to each other and then moving in together.”

Plant added, “She’s a petite, beautiful character, but her passion and her songwriting are immense. Her songwriting is stunningly beautiful. And her voice… It’s heavenly yet wild, just like her. She’s heavenly, and she carries immense power. You can hear it in her music.”

Since her collaboration with Plant, Griffin has continued her musical career, which began in the early 1990s. She most notably received her second Grammy for ‘Best Folk Album’ in 2019.

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