Two hilarious Foo Fighters’ rider requests

Foo Fighters

As a band’s success grows, so do their fees, fan bases, and rider requests. The Foo Fighters are a highly successful band, taking their music extremely seriously. However, they are also individuals who appear receptive to laughing at their own and others’ extents. The combination of accomplishment and silliness results in amazing rider requests that take into account precision, fresh food, and farting.

Dave Grohl has previously claimed that when the band was performing at festivals, they would sketch DIY beer bong diagrams. The sketches served as a runner’s blueprint for gathering the required materials to construct a pre-concert booze-chugging contraption. They did the same thing with hash past security, proving they’re a band-testing organizers’ commitment to their satisfaction.

On their 2000 tour, they were obsessed with precision. They wanted to make it clear to event organizers that any sloppiness in the writing section would result in their wrath. They included in their rider a $100 punishment for “any misspelling or other stupid typos.” The 2008 Rider steals the show, even compared to the amusing “Grammar-ready Rockstars.”

Their first request is for fresh cereal and sauce. Only unopened cereal boxes are accepted, not leftovers from last night’s Dio concerts.” They also state that ketchup bottles should be fresh, rather than simply “the last 4 millimeters.”

The band’s love for soup is undeniable, but the text delves deep into their hilarious disgust for its digestive aftereffects. They insist on vegetarian “soup of the day,” stating, “meaty soups make roadies fart.” Dietary humor in their requests.

They’re quite picky about their meat, specifying both the cut and the exact cooking method. They say, “Lightly cooked chicken breasts with goo on them… are not going to get you a hug from our bass player, Nate.” The band prefers “big ass kielbasas that make men self-conscious.

The Foo Fighters conclude their ride by apologizing for their pickiness and sarcastically defending it by saying, “We are just another band trying to make enough money to fuel our private jet.” Please assist.”

The Foo Fighters have never taken themselves seriously in interviews or on stage, so it’s amusing to see that foolishness extends to rider requests. They sincerely want any leftover food to go to those who truly need it, a reflection of their long-standing commitment to giving back. Arguably, there has never been a statement that more captures the lighthearted and earnest attitude of the Foo Fighters. This sentiment is particularly evident in the conclusion of their 2008 rider.

They encourage the donation of any remaining items to a local soup kitchen or shelter when they leave. Alternatively, you can let the band know, and they can arrange for pickup by someone on their team.

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