What was the first song Kurt Cobain ever wrote?

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain became an accomplished songwriter as soon as he picked up a guitar. He would proceed to pen an abundance of now-famous excerpts, ranging from the contemplative to the humorous, the personal to the fantastical. He performed wearing a range of pre-Nirvana costumes. But the frontman would step things up after the band decided on a name and the original lineup. This lineup included drummer Chad Channing, bassist Krist Novoselic, and singer Kurt Cobain.

Then, emboldened by this newfound drive, Cobain would hone his lyrical abilities by combining the angst of the underground with the bubblegum songs of his youth. The band would soar to fame thanks to their brilliant fusion of the commercial and the wild. Following the formation of the classic Nirvana lineup, which included Dave Grohl in place of Channing, the band became known. Their impact was undeniable, earning them the coveted title of most influential group of the era. The most important album of the time is still Nevermind, their 1991 sophomore album.

Kurt Cobain is most closely associated with his body of work, Nevermind, but that body of work only covers a single period of his life and career. Many fans prefer its 1993 follow-up, In Utero, as the material offers a much darker and more honest record. Regarding the band’s first album, Bleach (1989) nailed the genuine sludge of their early years, as grunge was emerging. Tracks like “About a Girl,” “Blew,” and “Negative Creep” confirm it as their best, according to purists.

Even though there will probably always be disagreements about Nirvana’s best albums, many fans tend to overlook the abundance of unreleased material. Kurt Cobain and the band kept hidden a treasure trove of songs and recordings. Both the compilation Incesticide and the MTV Unplugged in New York live album are strong candidates for the title. The breadth of Nirvana’s discography highlights how prolific Cobain was as a songwriter.

Faecal Matter was a short-lived punk band that was among the first to be recognized for having helped Kurt Cobain hone his craft before Nirvana. The band, consisting of former Melvins members Buzz Osborne, Dale Crover, and Mike Dillard, only existed from 1985 to 1986. However, Cobain still wrote several songs for them. The demo album Illiteracy Will Prevail contained these compositions. It could remain unofficially unreleased, but it is the first recording of Cobain’s songwriting that is available.

Some of the demo’s songs, such as “Spank Thru” and “Downer,” would go on to become hits for Nirvana, but “Blather’s Log,” is one of the more important ones. A few speculate this might be the very first musical creation from the then-young Cobain. Some claim that this goes back to January 2, 1986.

The track is extremely jagged and rough. The characteristics of what would later become Nirvana’s sound are evident, although it is most likely not the first song Cobain wrote. This one cut has every element of Bleach—it’s crunchy, dynamic, and catchy.

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