Why Mick Jagger turned down Dolly Parton

dolly parton and mick jagger

If Dolly Parton and Mick Jagger collaborated, the world would be shocked. Despite inhabiting opposite realms, they are two of the most distinct and influential people in music history. Both of them have had a significant effect on the trajectory of popular culture.

Parton, a country and pop superstar, was an example force for women in music while sexism was still prevalent. Fighting against society’s patriarchal setup with dignity, humor, and flair. However, as a result of her background in rural Tennessee, Parton was subjected to a great deal of socioeconomic prejudice, even from women.

She presented a masterpiece of an interview in 1977. She highlighted the multiple challenges on her path. Dolly Parton also asserted classily that they would not deter her. Parton explained that she understood exactly what she was doing in show business.  She said it was a “money-making joke”. While adding that she “always liked telling jokes”. Parton is an amazing genius. People who loathe country music would have to be cruel not to like her.

Mick Jagger, on the other hand, is the leader of rock ‘n’ roll’s most swaggering dynasty, The Rolling Stones. He has created a huge number of successes and successfully tried his hand at several genres while forming an emphatic creative connection with their guitarist Keith Richards. A veteran of the classic rock era, with the British band’s newest album, Hackney Diamonds, being a return to form. Jagger resoundingly showed that he’s still got it at the age of 80. His life is a guidebook for aspiring musicians on what to do and what not to do.

Dolly Parton is now preparing to release her 49th solo studio album, Rockstar, on November 17th. It is a collaborative endeavor that marks her maiden excursion into the genre and involves a slew of renowned faces. It consists largely of covers of songs from throughout rock’s history. She even covers The Beatles‘ ‘Let It Be‘ alongside the band’s surviving members, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, on the album’s 30 tracks.

Given that the country singer has performed a range of rock songs with luminaries on Rockstar, it was only natural for her to try to entice Mick Jagger to join her. ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,’ a Rolling Stones classic, is redone on the album. It includes Pink and Brandi Carlile. However, things may have been quite different if the man who sang the original had accepted her offer.

Parton claimed to the Daily Mail in 2023 that Jagger did not want to record his 1965 hit with her because he wanted to do something “different” and more current. “I wanted Mick Jagger so bad, because my husband loves him, and I wanted him to sing on ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’. But he wanted something new and different, which I don’t blame him for,” she went on to say. “We kept searching for the perfect song.” He was working on a record in Los Angeles while I was in Nashville, and I kept missing him, but he insisted on doing it.”

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