Why SLASH Always Wear Top Hat?


Slash, one of the most defining characters with curly hair caught a lot of attention when Guns N’ Roses widespread to mass audiences in 1987. He shared the reason behind him wearing the hat.  In 2010, he revealed the fact with CBS News. He said, “When I went into the store on Melrose in Los Angeles, I saw a top hat. I was like, ‘Oh, that’s cool.’”

He added, “ We had a performance that night and I was looking for something to wear. During that time, I didn’t have much money so I decided to wear the hat. I decorated the hat with the belt that I had just brought from another store.”

In 2022, he extended the saying on  Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend podcast, “ I remember there were two stores. The store was full of leather and tressures. Taime Downe,  one of the singers of a band called Faster Pussycat worked at the Retail Slut. That is the reason why I can remember the name of the store. I went to the store but I didn’t have enough money. And I used to wear some kind of hat. “

He continues, “When I went to the store and saw the hat, I felt the hat was talking to me. I figured, what the Fu*k, I’ll just wear the hat and go out. And I did the same. After that, I went to the next door. I stole a belt from the store and went secretly back to my room. Me and my friend Axl were living there together. We had a performance to do at the Whisky that night. So, I cut the belt and wrapped it around the hat and I went wearing the hat that night.”

Even though it appears as bad karma to steal the hat, it helped Slash make his signature look. But later on, the hat was stolen from him. In a 2020 interview, he told Howard Stern, “When I was completely drunk at Cathouse, someone stole it from me. I had to buy another one at the time.” According to Slash, He has a total of four had now. One was gifted to him by Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead.

Why Did Slash Keep The Top Hat Look?

In an interview, the guitarist explained, “ I am a bit nervous in front of the public. It helped me a lot to be comfortable in a crowd.

He added in Nova, “ From the day I got the hat it became a part of my life. I feel Relaxed in it. It is the source that helps me to hide in. Even though I love performing a lot, I never had the guts to look into the eyes of people looking at me. So, my hat and my hair are everything for me to rely on.”

He added to Conan, “ I wear it all the time. It’s a lifesaver during my bad hair days. It helps me to hide in it. But I never thought it would be for this long-term.”

He added, “ When I put on the hat no one knows who I am. I can do anything I like. No one can see what I am doing but I can see what others are doing. It was the best thing to have during the show. I can’t look at the crowd directly. It’s very useful for me. Just pull down the hat and do whatever you want no one can see anything.”

Slash Never Meant For The Top Hat To be Long-Term

Salsh Told with Stern, I only thought to wear the hat for one show. It wasn’t my intention to wear it in every show till now. But now it has become a part of my life and my signature.

Before he used to wear the hat everywhere. The hat was really to hide his shyness. “ But nowadays I don’t wear it everywhere. It’s just for the show and photo session. I don’t want to rely on the hat anymore on the street. It just feels best without it.”, he added.

Once Stern asked about the practicality of the hat, Alash said,” It’s not that tall but it’s short enough to not be knocked off by the wind.” He said to Nova,” I don’t do anything but it stays on.”


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