ALICE COOPER Has No Plans To Retire

alice cooper

In an exclusive interview with Rock Candy Magazine, featured in a detailed 16-page cover story, the legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper spoke with writer Andrew Daly that he’s determined to oppose the current trend of rock stars retiring.

Cooper, now 75 years, openly stated, “I haven’t even thought about doing a farewell tour. It’s interesting because many of my peers are calling it quits. Just recently, Gene Simmons told me, ‘I’m calling it quits. By December, it’ll all be over.”

He continued, saying, “I remarked, ‘Well, you’re aware that these farewell tours can often extend for a considerable duration these days, right?'”

“Gene was very serious and stated, ‘This time, I genuinely mean it.'”. By December, Kiss as we know it will be completely finished.”

“Fellows in Aerosmith are remarking the same thing, just like many other bands from my era.”

“But none of that occurs to me. “I’ve never considered retiring. I’m in great shape, and the band is performing remarkably well. Even when I’m 90, if I’m still healthy, I’ll keep performing.”

He referenced The Rolling Stones as an influencing factor. “I’m looking at Mick Jagger as the prototype. “Mick still acts in three-hour shows and performs the soundcheck. So, if Mick can do it, I can too.”

During a September 7 appearance on Sirius XM’s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk”, he discussed the possibility of retirement. When asked about retirement timing, the rock legend replied: “It’s all in your head. I really think so. And also if you’re physically well. I would not want to play Alice Cooper if I didn’t look like Alice, the same way I looked like Alice in the ’70s. I still look like that Alice. If I couldn’t sing like Alice, if I lost my interest in it if I didn’t really love doing it. And the most important thing is if nobody attends. If you go on tour, and no one purchases tickets, it’s over. “That hasn’t occurred; in fact, our attendance has nearly doubled.”

“People expect an older Alice, but I perform a high-energy show,” stated Alice. “I’m in outstanding shape.”

 He recently released his 29th studio album, “Road” on August 25, 2023.

Cooper also explained how the Road came together. He said, “I aimed for my band, comprising Ryan Roxie, Chuck Garric, Tommy Henrikson, Glen Sobel, and Nita Strauss, to play a significant  role in every song.”

“I only meet these guys when we’re on tour. So, I wanted them to be as good on all the new songs as they are during our shows. When you have a band this talented, I think it’s important to show it off, and this is how I do it.”


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