The story Of Janis Joplin Revenge To The Rolling Stones

Janis Joplin

Mark Farner, one of the co-founders of Grand Funk Railroad recently expressed his dissatisfaction with the 1960s British Invasion, and he also found a similar thought in his friend, the iconic Janis Joplin, who conveyed similar feelings.

In an interview with Rock History Music, Farner clarified his despise for British bands like Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones, mentioning their use of American English in their music. He also mentioned that Janis Joplin held the same viewpoint.

“We discussed it once, and Janis Joplin expressed her frustration by spreading chocolate on the helicopter seats specified for the Rolling Stones. She said, ‘They might label it a British invasion, but they’re using our language because they recognize our freedom. They were born under a crown; to me, they’re frauds! ‘ I clearly remember completely agreeing with her.”

Farner chuckled while remembering Joplin’s naughty act, sharing, “She jokingly covered the deluxe helicopter seats with chocolate, and that helicopter had interiors resembling a deluxe RV. It’s funny to think that Mick Jagger used to wear those white satin pants, even in Florida’s heat. The chocolate was sure to melt, creating quite a surprise for them. They couldn’t have escaped sitting in the melted chocolate. Unless they had placed something down and sat on it.”

Farner moreover highlighted that people frequently understand copy as praise but issued a warning:

He declared that the British groups that confused him served as evidence that imitating someone is the sincerest form of compliment. However, he contended that flattery could transform into a type of self-illusion.”It’s not the one flattering you who intends it,” he highlighted, “but rather when you begin to believe it, that’s when it becomes misleading. You’re supporting your own reputation. You should avoid that and remain true to your identity, maintaining an attitude of acknowledgment.”


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