Ringo Starr on ‘Rewind Forward,’ writing country music and more

Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr is not only popular as the Beatles’ iconic drummer. He is also widely recognized as a successful solo artist, photographer, narrator, actor, and activist. Describing him as ‘prolific’ does not fully express the extent of his achievements.

Rewind Forward”, released on October 13, is his fourth extended play in the past three years.

He expressed his love for EPs saying  “I’ve loved EPs since they first came out in the 60s”. He adds “Later I noticed that the younger generation is falling toward EPs, And I found it interesting!”

The title reflects “Ringo-speak”(the unique way of talking), something that John Lennon used to make fun of. It’s similar to the Beatle’s song that has unusual expressions such as “ A Hard Day’s Night” and “Tomorrow Never Knows”.

After giving it more thought, he describes “I believe it’s about taking a moment, looking back, and realizing, ‘I was in a better place back then,’ or ‘things matched my vibe more then.’ It’s not about staying in the past, just revisiting it occasionally.”

” Of course, I’m just making all this up.” and says, laughing.

To create a four-song EP, Ringo Starr worked with a group of friends and artists. The group contains his long-time musical partner Bruce Sugar. His band member, Steve Lukarther. Joe Williams from Toto. Becmonth tench and Mike Campbell from Tom petty’s Heartbreakers and others. 

Starr mentions that he FaceTimes with McCartney who wrote the song” Feeling the Sunlight” twice a month. He even spends his time with him in London.

Starr with a smile expresses “He initially recorded the drum tracks. We thought it was funny when we chose to redo them,”.

In Ringo Starr’s solo performance, including “Rewind Forward,” there’s a compatible theme of unwavering optimism. It submits that, even in tough times, peace and love can help you overcome challenges.

That psyche is what helped him move forward.

There are more short collections on the way. (“Right now, I’m EP crazy,” he expressed.) The other one is founded in country music. 

While attending a poetry recited by Olivia Harrison, Ringo Starr Met “T-Bone” Burnett. They decided to work together. He was expecting a pop song but he received a country song. Star liked the idea and thought, “Why not try a country one too?”

Recently, he teamed up with McCartney on Dolly Parton’s cover of the Beatles’ “Let It Be.” He explained, “It’s exciting to be part of it,”.

In June, The final Beatles recording will be available soon using artificial intelligence technology. They removed John Lennon’s voice from the piano demo. They used a similar AI technique to separate the voices of the Beatles from background sounds in Peter Jackson’s 2021 documentary series, “The Beatles: Get Back.”

He says” It’s the last song where you’ll hear from all four Beatles on the track- John, Paul, George, and Ringo”.

When he was asked about the release date, he said,” It was supposed to be released already.”

For those people craving more Beatles content, there’s a vast anthology available. It includes the detailed documentary “Get Back”. The documentary contains the most personal moments.

Looking back at the Beatles era, he affectionately recalls,” Those were the most amazing days. The connections with my brothers were unforgettable. They became my family.”


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