Billie Eilish discusses her favourite Green Day songs

Green Day

Few musicians have had such a dramatic impact on pop culture as Billie Eilish in recent years. In the blink of an eye, Eilish went from a teenage underground sensation to a chart-topping hit.

Eilish’s music stands out in the pop environment due to its distinctness, which withstands criticism. “Eilish works alongside her brother Finneas to create compositions distinguished by strong contrasts and slightly disturbing soundscapes. They merge elements of bedroom pop with horrific parallel planets.”

Following the huge success of her debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, Eilish took a much jazzier and more mature approach. This was evident in 2021’s Happier Than Ever. During the time between albums, she demonstrated her ability by delivering one of the most memorable James Bond themes in recent memory.

Eilish, an atypical pop sensation, draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, including pop-punk stalwarts Green Day. “Eilish has been a fan of the band since infancy. She once picked ‘All by Myself‘ from the band’s acclaimed album Dookie as one of her favorites.” Her admiration for their music makes perfect sense given her proclivity for exploring uncharted musical territory.

Although she adores ‘All by Myself‘, the ‘Bad Guy‘ singer also told SPIN that she appreciates ‘Jesus of Suburbia‘, particularly the video since “it goes so hard“. She went on to say, “I remember my brother wouldn’t let me watch it for years. When I could finally watch it, it was like the fucking sickest thing ever.”

She saw ‘Jesus of Suburbia‘ as the moment Green Day truly came into their own, displaying their prowess as a promise of endless talent and fascination. In her own words: “This was their prime, and it remained that way. I mean, it never went down from here. “Look at that hair!

“Eilish’s brother introduced her to the force of Green Day’s aural tapestry. She suspected he was attempting to replicate the legendary look of frontman Billie Joe Armstrong.” Finneas, as she puts it, was a tremendous fan of the band as a teenager, mimicking Armstrong’s “little undone tie and the guyliner“.

She reportedly told Armstrong, “He was a downgrade of you,” and he replied, “Well, he’s an upgrade now.”

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