Kurt Cobain’s favourite member of The Beatles

Kurt Cobain

The majority of Beatles fans will have a personal favorite among the four. Despite their close friendship and shared similarities, the group members had distinct personalities. These personalities clashed and came together as the group worked on the material for their final two studio albums in 1969, as evidenced by the highly revealing Peter Jackson documentary The Beatles: Get Back, which was released last year.

Paul McCartney was found to be the most technically proficient and multi-instrumentalist member of the group, in addition to being the most square. John Lennon, on the other hand, displayed a somewhat more relaxed personality while frequently flaunting his bizarre class clown persona. George Harrison lived up to his long-standing moniker as the “quiet Beatle.” Occasionally, he would appear to try to get a song recorded or offer a new lead guitar lick, which McCartney would eventually turn down. Ringo would be waiting numbly in a daze for the group to start playing a jam so he could accompany it on the drums.

It appears to me that when choosing a favorite Beatle, people typically choose the one who most closely resembles them. Kurt Cobain, the late frontman of Nirvana, is comparable to one of the Beatles, and we would naturally choose John Lennon. Turns out, Cobain preferred Lennon as well, so my previously proposed theory appears to have more support.

In a 1993 Rolling Stone interview, Cobain declared, “John Lennon was my favorite Beatle, hands down.” “I don’t know who contributed what lyrics to which Beatles songs, but McCartney makes me feel uncomfortable. Lennon found dark humor in the situation, tossing out a laugh despite his evident upset. Thus, I could identify with that.

Furthermore, Cobain revealed a stronger spiritual bond with Lennon. The more I read about him, the sorrier I felt. Now I question everything I read, especially in rock books. “To have that apartment locked up.” Cobain was alluding to John and Yoko Ono’s well-known bed-ins at their New York City apartment.

According to Cobain, Lennon’s love for Ono did not resolve the intrusive problem in his life. Fame was Lennon’s problem. Cobain went on, “Even though he was completely in love with Yoko and his child, his life was a prison.” Someone confined him. It isn’t just. The way people interact with celebrities is the main issue I’ve had with being a celebrity. Someone truly needs to change it.

In closing, he stated that trying to change the situation would only make it seem as though you are blustering about it. “I can see how someone might have those kinds of feelings and even develop an obsession.” Convincing people to relax is such a difficult task. Please, be mindful of others and take it easy. We are all shit.

And I Love Her, a song primarily written by Paul McCartney, was the Beatles song that Kurt Cobain chose for his one and only officially released cover, in spite of his loyalty to John Lennon.

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