Pink Floyd announce special edition of ‘Atom Heart Mother’

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd has announced a special edition box set for their 1971 album Atom Heart Mother. It will be released on December 8th.

The special package not only includes the album but also offers Blu-ray footage from their 1971 concert at the Hakone Aphrodite Festival. This footage, which hasn’t been widely accessible for viewing, promises to provide fans with a unique and historic visual experience. Fans can also anticipate a mini-documentary that goes behind the scenes of this historic event.

The film was taken from a long-lost reel that was only recently found, which makes this release remarkable. Pink Floyd released a statement that clarified the footage’s rarity: “The 16-minute suite Atom Heart Mother is the only Floyd video that exists from Hakone Aphrodite. For a very long time, the master film’s shooting location and method were unknown.”

The message went on to say, “But fifty years later, the original 16mm film was found in a fan’s garage. After arduous digitization, restoration, and remastering procedures, this improved video will eventually be distributed outside of Japan.”

In an interview with MOJO, David Gilmour opened up about his feelings about the Atom Heart Mother album, saying, “It was a great idea, but it was terrible. I recently listened to that album and holy crap, it’s bad, maybe our weakest work to date. Although it sounds like we had no idea what each other was talking about. We ended up becoming much more productive.”

Pink Floyd recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of The Dark Side of the Moon by releasing a newly remastered version of this legendary album on October 13th. This was in addition to the upcoming release of Atom Heart Mother, set to hit the shelves on December 8th.

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