Ace Frehley Is Determined To Make Paul Stanley Look Like An ‘Imbecile’

ace frehley and paul stanley

Ace Frehley recently told Zack Attack of the 93.5 FM MAX classic rock radio station in Muncie, Indiana, that his next solo album will make Paul Stanley look like an ‘imbecile.

When asked if he anticipated playing solo music for so long when he signed his first solo deal, the guitarist replied, “It was difficult at first, but I’ve gained much momentum now.” I remember when I first signed with eOne Music — now that the record company has been sold to MNRK Music Group, and I’m still working with the same people — the guy who got me signed to the label telling me that, before [2009’s] ‘Anomaly,’ a lot of people told him, ‘You’re not even gonna get the record.'”

Reflecting On His Solo Career’s Journey

Ace Frehley explained why he experienced difficulties in his early solo career. He said, “Because [KISS founders] Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons have essentially tried to destroy my credibility by labeling me a drunk, a drug addict, and someone untrustworthy.” But, if that’s the case, how did I manage to release five albums? And I’ve been touring for the past ten years or so. It’s incomprehensible. They constantly contradict themselves.”

Addressing KISS Founders’ Criticism

The musician then addressed Stanley’s disparaging remarks about him, saying, “Now they’re dismissing me and saying that if I came up and played with them on their farewell tour, it would detract from their performance.” If I stepped up on stage with KISS, Paul stated on The Howard Stern Show, you may as well name the band PISS instead of KISS. Well, when the album comes out, it’ll make him appear like a moron.”

Critique of KISS

Still, this isn’t Frehley’s first blow at his former comrades. During one of his July gigs, he mocked KISS’ usage of pre-recorded music, saying:

“I think Scotty [Coogan] sings better than the tapes KISS uses.”

According to Stanley, the current KISS tour is about celebrating the band’s full 50-year legacy, not just the original lineup. As a result, by bringing Frehley and Peter Criss to the tour, the singer does not want to lose authority or risk the tour’s success.

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