Roger Waters Responds To ‘Haters’ Who Tried To Limit His Freedom

roger Waters

In a recent speech, Roger Waters attacked those who attempted to restrict his freedom.

Waters had trouble earlier reserving a hotel in Montevideo. Two hotels declined to accommodate him because of his vocal opposition to Israel. The rock star addressed the remarks made about him during his most recent performance in Argentina, referencing the incident.

Some people in this city will not allow me to check into a hotel. What am I getting at? I simply want to make it clear that I am not the same as the people who refuse to give me a room at the inn. And the difference between them and me, and all the rest of the Israeli lobby, by the way, and me, the difference is I believe in universal human rights. To all my brothers and sisters, all over the world, in respect of their ethnicity, religion, or nationality.”

His speech went viral on X after it was shared by a user. The rocker has also seen the video and reshared it with the following caption, “This is the only answer.”

Roger Waters Was Refused by Hotels

Several hotels refused to let Waters stay because of his remarks regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The rock star was supposed to play in Montevideo as part of the “This Is Not A Drill” tour, but the Hyatt Centric Hotel and the Regency chain hotels turned him down. It was unclear where he would stay, and it was not certain that he would remain in Montevideo.

On November 17, the show went on as scheduled despite the problems.

Waters told the Fans to ‘F*ck Off’

Before this, Waters allegedly told supporters to “f*ck off” during a live performance in London, drawing criticism for his pro-Palestine views. Since it was his first live performance since the release of “Dark Side of the Moon Redux,” the audience had high expectations for the show. Waters was scheduled to play the album’s live premiere, but a good number of attendees left before any music was played.

“Tell stories in your fcking theater, at your own time, to your own audience, if you want to.” By the way, please learn to be restrained and quit yelling. Fck off.

Even though the show happened, fewer people showed up than anticipated.

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