Why Kid Rock Slammed Korn And Nu-Metal

Kid Rock

Kid Rock musical journey has seen him navigate various genres, from his rap roots to the heavier days marked by his nu-metal phase. Before his rise with country hits, the singer was a full-time rapper, a fact often overshadowed by his later successes. Still, he criticized Korn and the nu-metal scene in his previous remarks.

In 2015, Rock joined an in-depth conversation with Rolling Stone and discussed how the arrival of his first son, Robert Ritchie Jr. played a role in influencing his career decisions. The musician noted, “He was pretty much dropped off at my door at six months old: ‘You raise this fcking kid.’ I was like, ‘This has gotta work.’ So what’s popular? Korn. I knew I could do that sht in my sleep. But let me throw in ‘Only God Knows Why’ and ‘Cowboy’ so I can have a career.”

Nu-Metal Critique Of Rock

Expressing his views on nu-metal, Kid criticized the genre for its lack of melodic and enduring qualities. He stated, “That fcking nu-metal sht? I think rock radio missed the boat. You listen to these country artists–they’re fcking playing rock music! If they would embrace that, I don’t know if you’d call it ‘heartland rock,’ but they gotta mix it up a little bit. But [nu-metal bands have] stuck with heavy sht that’s not melodic and doesn’t stand the test of time.”

Learning From Limp Bizkit And Metallica


In the same interview, the singer also reflected on touring with Limp Bizkit at the height of their popularity. Observing how Limp Bizkit treated their roadies, he made a conscious decision for his band. Rock explained, “I always told my band, ‘You see how Limp Bizkit treats their roadies and sh*t? We don’t do that.’ I was like, ‘These people are helping us. They’re not trying to harm us. We’re all working together.’ Then we saw Metallica, and they treated their people great. Also, we want to be like them. We want to treat everybody well. Don’t spit on people. Don’t throw microphones at them. Don’t get pissed off. We want to go a long way, and that’s not how you treat people.”

Evolution Of Kid Rock Sound

Rock’s early career primarily focused on rap, and he released his debut album, ‘Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast,’ in 1990, which showed his blend of hip-hop and rock influences. However, the album received limited commercial success.

Moreover, it was with ‘Devil Without a Cause’ that the musician achieved mainstream prominence. This album marked a shift in his sound towards a fusion of rap, rock, and country elements. Also, while Kid continued to incorporate rap elements into his music, he gradually expanded his repertoire to include other genres like rock and country.

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