Six guitar greats who worshipped Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck

With the Fender Stratocaster in his hands, Jeff Beck effortlessly pushed the boundaries right from the start. An individual hailing from the future, he arrived on Earth well ahead of his fellow futuristic beings. While many of his peers in the London scene were immersed in the blues, Beck had a different vision. He aimed to blend genres and forge a truly unique sound. From ‘Happenings Ten Years Time Ago‘ with The Yardbirds to ‘Beck’s Bolero‘, his early works were vibrant sonic creations that seemed to transcend traditional genres.

Undoubtedly, Beck’s accomplishments in the 1960s were a result of his exceptional talent. However, as we have witnessed numerous times throughout the history of music, the combination of genuine personality, boundless imagination, and a well-defined creative vision has consistently led to remarkable artistic growth and refinement. Over time, Beck’s artistic growth would be evident as he explored a wider range of sounds. He perfected his influential fingerpicking technique, which remained his most powerful tool.

Undoubtedly, his artistic scope surpassed that of the other guitar maestros in the triumvirate formed by Beck, Eric Clapton, and Jimmy Page, who dominated the London scene during the ‘Swinging Sixties‘. As an example, he was a trailblazer in the realm of psychedelic and progressive rock as a member of The Yardbirds. He then ventured into jazz fusion with The Jeff Beck Group. Later, he brought sheer intensity to hard rock as part of the supergroup Beck, Bogert, and Appice.

After experiencing time in these bands, in 1975, his focus shifted to creating purely instrumental music. This change allowed him to further develop his distinct sound and continue pushing boundaries, free from the constraints imposed by vocalists. Vocalists often bring a different perspective to music compared to instrumentalists. Since that pivotal moment, his range would continue to expand. In the end, he would combine guitar music with widespread electronic sounds, a result that his forward-thinking approach had always indicated.

Jeff Beck’s musical legacy continues to resonate in the world of rock music, as his unique sound and the way he brought it to life still inspire many prominent figures in the industry. Even after his passing in 2023, his influence lives on through those who carry the torch. Like any dedicated fans, they have always openly acknowledged the profound influence he had on their storylines.

Discover six guitarists who were passionate about Jeff Beck below.

Six guitarists who admired Jeff Beck:

Eddie Van Halen

Despite his status as a legendary figure in the world of electric guitar, Eddie Van Halen had a deep admiration for several other players. He was known for his ability to wield the guitar with precision, creating powerful solos and employing unique techniques like string-tapping. One of this esteemed group was Jeff Beck, whose energy always left a lasting impression on the Amsterdam resident, who was also known for his liveliness.

In a 2011 interview with Rolling Stone, the legendary guitarist discussed Beck’s distinctive style and the album that first brought them together. He mentioned that he didn’t become a fan until ‘Blow By Blow‘. I simply appreciate the instrumental aspect of it. Also, there’s ‘Wired‘ from 1976. Fascinating information in there. I suppose it was the element of experimentation that appealed to me.

He provided a personal perspective on Beck’s unconventional approach: “Jeff Beck is truly one of a kind. You can never predict his actions. My brother and I had the incredible opportunity to be in France two decades ago, where we had the pleasure of attending a concert by the renowned musician Jeff Beck. He was pursuing a rockabilly style. And we were so confused, like, ‘What on earth is this?’ You never know what to expect from him.

David Gilmour

Apart from using the Stratocaster to advance guitar-playing, there has always been a concrete link between Jeff Beck and David Gilmour. According to the legend, Beck was the individual Pink Floyd initially considered for a position. They ultimately decided to go with their acquaintance from Cambridge.

Among the numerous guitarists that Gilmour admires and has extensively talked about, Beck stands out as the most exceptional. Gilmour praises Beck for his unwavering skill and groundbreaking creativity. During an interview on his YouTube channel in 2022, the Pink Floyd leader shared his admiration for numerous guitar players. Undoubtedly, the individual whom I have held in the highest regard for the longest period of time is Jeff Beck, particularly in the realm of guitar playing. A delightful individual.

Gilmour and Beck shared a strong connection, so much so that they came together in 2009 for one of Gilmour’s performances at the Royal Albert Hall. Almost ten years later, Gilmour once more expressed his admiration for his friend in the 2018 documentary Jeff Beck: Still on the Run.

He confidently stated: “He is a maverick. An innovative musician who thrives on pushing boundaries and exploring new sounds. Someone who consistently takes bold risks and has demonstrated this throughout their entire career.

Nile Rodgers

Nile Rodgers may have been a trailblazer in the disco genre through his work with Chic, but his roots lie in the rock tradition. He found himself inspired and influenced by the groundbreaking psychedelic innovations of Jimi Hendrix during the late 1960s. While he considers the Seattlean’s 1967 debut, Are You Experienced, as the most influential record in his life, Beck also had a significant impact on him. They collaborated on the 1985 album Flash, which was produced by Rodgers. The album featured the single ‘People Get Ready‘, which included vocals from Rod Stewart.

Rodgers called Jeff one of his favorite guitarists when discussing working with Beck on Metal Express Radio in 2009. I haven’t come across anyone who can play the guitar quite like Jeff Beck. He has a distinct personality. His sound is truly unique and unmistakable. I absolutely love the Jeff Beck Group, it’s one of my favorite periods in rock.

Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh, the legendary guitarist from James Gang and Eagles, was undeniably one of the guitar heroes of the 1970s. Despite their different musical styles, he deeply admires the artistic accomplishments of Beck during that time, even though he played in a different band. He strongly believes that Beck transported the guitar to a completely different realm, a creation entirely of his own. Other renowned musicians share this sentiment.

According to Walsh, Jeff Beck has elevated the guitar to a whole new level. It’s not just a guitar, it’s a unique instrument of his own creation. He has crafted his own instrument. We’re like a mysterious guitar, leaving everyone puzzled by our actions. I hear that and simply shake my head. I’m not sure.”

Keith Richards

Like Beck, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has left an indelible mark on guitar playing. An expert in blues music who skillfully combined open-tunings and Flamenco textures, this individual has a keen eye for greatness. This was particularly evident when it came to recognizing the talent of the late Yardbirds guitarist.

Since his band became famous in the early 1960s, Richards has seen guitar playing evolve. He credits his fellow musicians. They reshaped the musical landscape. In his eyes, Beck was an exceptional designer, whom he regarded as one of the greatest even after his passing. He expressed his admiration for his skillful use of the tremolo arm.

Richards expressed in an interview with Guitar World in 2023 that the individual in question possessed exceptional skills on the guitar. Whenever we had the chance to hang out, I was consistently impressed by his incredible skills with the tremolo bar. He was truly exceptional, man.”


Slash is an intriguing figure who emerged from the punk and hair metal scenes. However, his musical style is deeply influenced by legendary guitarists of the classic rock era, such as Jimmy Page and Keith Richards. However, there was one artist who truly captivated him like no other – Beck. Yet, staying true to his rebellious nature, he did point out that the Stratocaster icon eventually took on a more “jazzy” vibe.

In an interview with Guitar Magazine in 1988, the Guns N’ Roses member revealed that he learned to play solely by ear. “If there was something that caught my interest, that I found fascinating,” he said, “I would make an effort to learn about it.” I would become extremely knowledgeable about Jeff Beck. I would eagerly study any impressive guitar technique from Wired, Truth, and Blow by Blow. Then he started listening to There and Back and I found the jazz elements to be overwhelming. Jeff Beck is an incredibly talented guitarist who stands out among his peers. He is the one person who impresses me greatly. So I would take the time to learn guitar phrases that resonated with me.

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