Steven Tyler’s Aerosmith Career Might Be Over

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Steven Tyler, the legendary frontman of Aerosmith, has encountered a series of obstacles that have cast shadows over his long and successful career with the band.

Presently, Tyler is recovering from a significant injury to his vocal cords. This setback has led Aerosmith to postpone several shows on their farewell tour. Steven Tyler said in a heartfelt message to his fans: “I’m deeply saddened, but I must follow my doctor’s advice and refrain from singing for the next month. Following an incident at our recent concert, my vocal cords suffered damage, resulting in bleeding. We’re rescheduling a few shows to ensure we come back with the same energy and performance you adore.”

Adding to his concerns, Steven Tyler is embroiled in a legal dispute. The dispute from his tumultuous relationship with Julia Misley in the 1970s when she was just 16 still brings him much trouble. In an attempt to protect Tyler’s reputation, his legal team has sought to dismiss a specific claim from Misley. This claim revolves around intentional emotional distress related to statements made in Tyler’s published memoirs. The defense has argued that Tyler’s comments in his memoir were an exercise of his freedom of speech.

A look back to May 2022 reveals another challenge: Tyler entered rehab after breaking a ten-year streak of sobriety. This relapse occurred because he took pain medication following foot surgery for Morton’s Neuroma. Joe Perry, his bandmate, commented on this setback in an interview with WBUR: “Life often throws unexpected challenges our way. We can either dwell on the pain or navigate through it. The key is to change what’s in our control and accept what isn’t. Change is inevitable, and we’ve come to understand that in our shared journey – accepting each other, flaws and all.”

With these mounting challenges – health issues, legal disputes, and personal struggles – it’s unclear what lies ahead for Steven Tyler’s journey with Aerosmith. The unfolding events could signify a turning point in his remarkable career. Only time will reveal the complete story.

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