The Kiss song inspired by The Three Stooges


The Beatles‘ breakup in the early 1970s caused the music industry to shift from metal to glam and prog-rock before eventually becoming punk and igniting a revolution in the middle of the decade. Amidst this shift, Kiss formed—a band that channeled the countercultural spirit of the hippie era for a new generation by fusing heavy metal influences with glam rock roots.

Kiss has benefited greatly from the impact of live performances thanks to their dramatic costumes and intricate makeup. But in the middle of the 1970s, the group demonstrated their abilities as talented musicians. Additionally, they showcased their skills as songwriters in addition to their striking appearance.

It may seem strange to mention The Three Stooges in the context of influences, much less regard them as a major influence. However, a Kiss short film played a major role in the band’s success. Furthermore, Gene Simmons acknowledged that the song’s finished version differed significantly from his original idea.

The Three Stooges‘ Men in Black short film served as the basis for one of the band’s songs, according to the Encyclopedia of Kiss book. An intercom voice can be heard in Men in Black saying, “Calling Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine.”  This line served as the basis for Kiss’ song title, “Calling Dr. Love,” which is also repeated in the song.

Simmons and three other musicians originally wrote the song ‘Calling Dr. Love‘. It wasn’t until later that Simmons recorded it with his band. According to Simmons’ explanation in “Kiss: Behind the Mask – The Official Authorized Biography,” “I found Katey in a trio, the Group with No Name. I cut the demo with me playing guitar and her singing harmony.” They put together an album for Casablanca Records. Gene Simmons was singing, accompanied by three girls. That was the initial concept behind “Calling Dr. Love.”

Simmons found the song’s finished performance disappointing, believing it did not live up to the quality of the demo. Conversely, Ace Frehley seemed to enjoy the song, especially the guitar solo he played during it. Simmons’ favorite songs, though, are those he wrote earlier in his career, such as “Goin’ Blind.”

“I wrote the song ‘Goin’ Blind’ with my school friend Stephen Parnell,” Simmons remarked. “I wasn’t thinking about lyrics back then. Why I sat down and wrote a letter titled “I think I’m going blind” is beyond me. Apart from that, I found it to be romantic.




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