Why John Lydon slammed Ozzy Osbourne?

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It is not unusual for artists to drag each other through the muck, particularly for prominent figures in the industry. There is benefit to be gained from media attention when a headline about two artists criticising one another circulates on platforms. Even if all of the information is factually accurate, it still presents an opinion and invites readers to draw their own conclusions about the artist’s true intentions in creating this drama.

In this instance, Ozzy Osbourne and John Lydon’s feud was pointless because it revealed nothing new about Osbourne’s hardships or way of life. Nevertheless, John Lydon made the decision to address Osbourne’s drug abuse and the reports that he had bitten pigeon heads. Since these incidents had already been made public, there was no doubting that they had happened, but Lydon’s timing in bringing them up again led some fans to believe that he had other plans.

Why Did John Lydon Slam Ozzy Osbourne?

Despite having comparable backgrounds, the two musicians have established comfortable careers, though occasionally their publicity for new music can get a little out of control. Although there was no obvious motivation behind Johnny Rotten’s attempt to discredit Osbourne in this case, some speculated that it aimed to increase awareness of his most recent endeavour.

In 2011, the singer-songwriter conducted an interview with the Sunday Mercury newspaper to promote his photographic project called “Mr. Rotten’s Scrap Book.” He didn’t hold back when criticising Osbourne for a number of contentious actions during the interview. The lead singer of the former Sex Pistols lost it when he talked about his repressed feelings for the frontman of Black Sabbath. The singer began the interview by praising the 1970 hit song “Paranoid,” even calling it one of the greatest singles ever. But, the conversation quickly shifted when Lydon began discussing his thoughts on a number of contentious issues from Osbourne’s past.

Lydon’s comments regarding Osbourne biting pigeon heads came after his initial applause for “Paranoid,” which caused a major uproar for the singer. It seemed to have made Lydon leery of the frontman as well. Furthermore, he stated that encouraging drug abuse and acting insane in front of the public only serves to sabotage the bonds that Ozzy has developed over the years with both his fans and fellow musicians.

John Lydon added that he is not against drugs but considers Osbourne their victim. According to the English musician, Ozzy’s decision to “sell that loser lifestyle” incites others who look up to him to commit self-harm. In conclusion, he revealed that his upbringing was similar to Ozzy Osbourne’s, and that’s why his actions have damaged not only his reputation but also the reputation of everyone associated with the working-class population in Britain.

John Lydon’s words about Ozzy Osbourne:

Even though “Paranoid” was one of the greatest songs ever released, I’ve never been impressed by the rumours that it bit pigeon heads. Not much better, Ozzy is behaving like a senile delinquent these days. It irritates me when people promote drug abuse and catatonic stupidity in such a subtle way.
I’m not in favour of drug prohibition—quite the reverse. However, I know how to use them; they do not use me. It’s obvious that Ozzy is a victim, and selling that loser lifestyle s**t to other people makes those other people victims too.

It’s unfortunate. Like me, Ozzy comes from a working-class background, but he lets that happen. He suggests that members of the working class are all ignorant by acting in this way. You know, we’re not. We’re not! We Brits are true to our country.”



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