The Nirvana song Kurt Cobain called “kind of wimpy”


In the early days of the grunge movement, Nirvana emerged as a captivating contradiction. Kurt Cobain, despite his resistance to being labeled a commercial sellout and his preference for keeping arrangements sparse, couldn’t escape the infectious hooks that permeated their songs. While maintaining a rough-around-the-edges quality essential to rock and roll, Nirvana’s music, inspired by genres as diverse as The Beatles, Melvins, and Flipper, attracted a broad audience, including fairweather indie fans who found themselves dancing to the band’s tunes.

Even before securing a record deal, Cobain’s songwriting showcased genre clashes that were groundbreaking at the time. Drawing inspiration from punk and melodic dissonance, tracks like ‘School’ and ‘Floyd the Barber’ reflected the band’s unique blend of influences. However, when presented to indie label SubPop, they were initially met with skepticism. CEO Bruce Pavitt, unsure if Nirvana could be profitable, cautiously signed them to release a single.

Opting to record a cover of Shocking Blue’s B-side ‘Love Buzz’ for their debut, the band transformed the moody 1960s track into a caustic rocker, featuring Cobain’s trademark scream. Despite the success and goodwill generated, Cobain wasn’t entirely satisfied with the studio version. He expressed a desire for a heavier mix, acknowledging, “I wish we could have recorded it a lot heavier. It was one of our first recordings. We weren’t sure just what we wanted to do, so it turned out kind of wimpy compared to our most recent recordings.”

Despite Cobain’s reservations about the recording, live performances of ‘Love Buzz’ showcased a ferocious energy. With Dave Grohl joining the band, the track evolved into a powerful live experience, capturing Cobain’s anger and Grohl’s booming sonic pulse.

However, as Nirvana geared up to record ‘Nevermind,’ the follow-up to their debut album ‘Bleach,’ Cobain took the band in a new direction. Striking a balance between alternative and mainstream appeal, ‘Nevermind’ marked a pivotal moment in rock history. While this shift brought both success and challenges for Cobain, ‘Love Buzz’ remains a compelling time capsule of Nirvana’s melodic potential before their trajectory took unexpected turns.

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