The only Slipknot song that Corey Taylor doesn’t sing

Corey Taylor Slipknot

In Slipknot’s history, Corey Taylor has played a crucial role in their journey from an underground band to a well-known one. He’s known for his versatile vocals, from singing ballads to delivering intense screams.

However, there’s an interesting twist in their discography. One of Slipknot’s mainline studio albums doesn’t feature Corey Taylor at all.

When Slipknot was still making a name for themselves in Iowa, they were initially led by Anders Colsefni, who played percussion and did vocals on their early demo, “Mate Feed Kill Repeat.” The band wasn’t actively searching for a lead singer at that time. However, Corey Taylor had no other plans than to join forces with the band.

He recalls attending their first live show as Slipknot and thinking, “I’m going to sing for this band someday.”

Corey Taylor eventually got the opportunity to join Slipknot, leaving behind his previous band, Stone Sour. He took over as the lead vocalist when Anders Colsefni stepped back and later left the band altogether.

Slipknot burst onto the scene with their debut album, produced by nu-metal legend Ross Robinson. Taylor’s vocals became a standout element, transitioning seamlessly from blood-curdling screams in songs like “Surfacing” to delivering cryptic lyrics in the middle of tracks like “Eyeless.”

As Slipknot’s success grew, so did the challenges, including struggles with drugs. This led Corey Taylor to adapt his vocal style between albums. While recording the intense “Iowa” album, Taylor’s vocal performances & his intense emotions stole the show.

However, the follow-up album, “Vol. III,” marked the first time he recorded while sober. This shift allowed him to explore a wider range of vocal techniques, blending soft singing and screaming and incorporating an industrial touch in songs like “The Blister Exists.”

Despite facing hardships and personal demons, Slipknot continued their musical journey. Tragedy struck when bassist Paul Gray, who had battled addiction, relapsed on heroin and passed away during a break from Slipknot’s touring schedule.

This loss left a significant void within the group. They chose to move forward, dedicating their next album, “5: The Gray Chapter,” to the memory of their late bassist. This album also marked the departure of their longtime drummer, Joey Jordison.

One remarkable track on “5: The Gray Chapter” is “Be Prepared For Hell,” where percussionist Clown takes over the microphone. Clown had contributed screams to Slipknot songs in the past, but here he delivers a haunting and raw performance reminiscent of Tom Waits. The song’s lyrics serve as a memorial to Paul Gray and the impact of his loss on the band.

While much of the album reflects the band’s grief and heartbreak, having Clown deliver this eulogy to Gray feels fitting. Clown had been a founding member of the group since the beginning, and hearing him express his thoughts on Gray’s passing in just two minutes is a poignant moment in Slipknot’s musical journey.

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