The problem AC/DC’s Malcolm Young had with Nirvana


Throughout the 1990s, Nirvana was at the forefront of a rock revolution, bringing in a new era of the genre. Like most great bands, the Seattle grunge icons generated a visceral reaction to the acts that came before them. It was with frontman Kurt Cobain holding a strong disdain for the heavy rock of the preceding decade.

Despite being heavy, Nirvana had a heart and railed against the rock ‘n’ roll band that played up to chauvinistic stereotypes. Many of the groups who embraced this trend did so in a lighthearted manner and did not take themselves seriously. It struck a nerve with Cobain, who was repulsed by the misogynistic tropes displayed in their lyricism.

With Nirvana, Cobain promised himself to make his music accessible to all. It was a decision that set the band apart from the pack from the start. The frontman used his lyrics to speak out against injustices such as sexual assault, ensuring that he was a positive force in a dark world.

On the other hand, AC/DC’s approach lacks a more profound sense of meaning, but they make up for it with energy and vigor. Even while appreciating the musical aspect of their artistry, Cobain was not a fan of their lyrics. It prevented him from becoming a full-fledged fan of the band. He also felt the same way about Led Zeppelin.

In 2016, Nirvana’s former manager David Goldberg discussed Cobain’s musical tastes. They named the two bands mentioned above: “I believe he was conflicted. I believe he enjoyed the music. He liked the music of Led Zeppelin and AC/DC. The lyrics, on the other hand, did not sit well with him.”

Malcolm Young of AC/DC felt the same way about Nirvana. Following the success of their breakthrough album Nevermind in 1992, the grunge group was the talk of the world. And Young was less than cordial during an interview with Metal CD when asked about Cobain’s band.

When asked about his thoughts on the state of modern rock, Young revealed that he’d “seen a few of them bands on MTV” before breaking the silence. “Well, my daughter listens to that band,” he continued, before revealing them to be Nirvana. When asked if he was a fan of Kurt Cobain, he replied, “Nah. Singer is a blond guy. “A little bit of a poser.”

Cobain was accused of many things. But being a poser was not one of them. He was true to himself and never compromised his principles to please the masses. Young’s dismissive remarks about Nirvana, however, were unsurprising given that the two bands were at opposite ends of the rock spectrum and lacked common ground.


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