The Smiths: Morrissey names the 8 bands he hates most from the heart

Morrissey The Smiths

Morrissey, the enigmatic former frontman of The Smiths, is no stranger to controversy, particularly when it comes to his opinions about other artists in the music industry. From pop icons to fellow alternative rock veterans, Morrissey has been vocal about his disapproval of various artists, often causing a stir in the music community. This article delves into his critiques, offering a detailed look at his views on eight notable musicians and bands.

Michael Buble: A Fiery Spirit Lacking?

During a candid chat, Morrissey identified Canadian crooner Michael Bublé, saying, “A fiery spirit is critical, without it, you become Michael Bublé: renowned yet hollow.”

Bublé first tried to dismiss the verbal insult with comedy, telling The Sun in 2011, “It’s absurd.” But I wasn’t upset. I was honestly relieved that he recognized my name. Morrissey recognizes me. That’s insanely cool.

However, the remark seemed to hit a nerve with him, as he later revealed to The Guardian in 2013 that it was the most damaging thing anyone had ever said about him.

Morrissey’s comment on Michael Bublé portrayed him as a talented but soulless performer. Bublé’s initial reaction was one of amusement, yet the remark eventually struck a deeper chord, revealing the impact of Morrissey’s words.

Michael Bublé

David Bowie: The Loss of Authenticity

The relationship between Morrissey and David Bowie was a complex one, evolving from mutual respect to open criticism. Morrissey accused Bowie of losing his authenticity, signaling a significant shift in their rapport.

Morrissey and David Bowie formerly shared mutual respect, even sharing the stage at the Los Angeles Forum in 1991.

Their friendship, however, was short-lived. Morrissey’s cordial connection began to sour in 1995 when he was invited to join Bowie’s tour of the United Kingdom and Europe as a “special guest.”

David Bowie is a machine.” He is untrustworthy. “I could reveal anecdotes… that would turn ‘Let’s Dance’ into a forbidden song,” Morrissey said in 2004.

That same year, he said, “Bowie has transformed.” He now caters to people’s desires, eliciting a collective yawn. He’s no longer relevant. His relevance was entirely coincidental.”

David Bowie

Kylie Minogue and the OBE Remark

Morrissey displayed a surprising level of disdain when Kylie Minogue received the OBE in 2008. Opting to ridicule the famed Australian singer during her performance at Hyde Park’s Wireless Festival, Morrissey, known for his work with The Smiths, couldn’t resist expressing his feelings.

With heavy sarcasm, he addressed the crowd, feigning excitement about Minogue’s OBE. “I am thrilled about the OBE,” he stated, adding with a sardonic tone, “You must agree that she genuinely deserves it.” Minogue, for her part, chose not to respond, silently ignoring Morrissey’s sharp sarcasm.

Kylie Minogue

Kate Bush: Intolerable Voice?

During his early years, Morrissey was fond of writing letters. In one such correspondence, he openly criticized a friend’s taste in music, specifically targeting UK music icon Kate Bush. Morrissey’s lack of enthusiasm for Bush’s work was not surprising, given her prominent status.

In his letter, Morrissey expressed his disbelief at his friend’s preference for Kate Bush. “Are you a fan of Kate Bush? That doesn’t surprise me,” he penned. He continued, hardly concealing his disdain, “The best I can say about her is that she’s unbearable. Her voice? Complete nonsense! You’ll understand this eventually, my friend.”

Kate Bush

Elton John: The Call for Disappearance

Morrissey’s initial criticism of Elton John began in 1987. Speaking sharply to NME, he remarked, “He continually seeks the spotlight, divulging his private life. It’s uninteresting. He ought to vanish.”

Years later, in 2002, Morrissey, formerly of The Smiths, rekindled this dispute in the documentary “The Importance of Being Morrissey.” In a humorously exaggerated tone, he declared, “I’m after Elton John’s head… the only instance where offering meat doesn’t amount to murder.”

Elton John

Madonna: Organized Harlotry?

Madonna became a target for Morrissey’s scathing remarks in 1997, with him labeling her as the epitome of objectionable celebrity culture. His comments continued into 2015, critiquing her performance and relevance.


Lady Gaga: Lovely, but Lacking in Music

Morrissey’s critique of Lady Gaga is notably milder compared to his views on other artists. His criticism focuses solely on her musical style, not her personality.

He has met Gaga and describes her as genuinely charming, cautioning against forming opinions based on public personas or musical output. “Encountering her, I found her to be truly pleasant. One shouldn’t hastily judge based on public personas or even their music,” he commented.

Morrissey then calmly states his opinion on her music, saying, “Without any bitterness, I must say that her music lacks groundbreaking qualities. While I respect the idea of female empowerment in music, I’m tired of performances that rely heavily on excessive dance routines for their appeal. It feels like a blatant ruse and is far from being genuinely sensual.

Lady Gaga

The Cure: A Deep-Seated Rivalry

Morrissey’s longstanding rivalry with Robert Smith, the frontman of The Cure, is a notable aspect of his history in the music industry.

This rivalry was sparked by a controversial question posed to Morrissey, asking who he would target first in a hypothetical scenario involving Robert Smith, Mark E. Smith, and a firearm. Morrissey’s response was provocative: “I would line them up so a single bullet could hit all of them… Robert Smith is nothing but a complainer.

Morrissey’s animosity was further evident following the release of The Cure’s highly praised album, ‘Disintegration.’ He harshly criticized the album, calling it “absolutely repugnant” and going as far as to say, “The Cure has taken the term ‘filth’ to a whole new level.

Yet, in a reflective moment in 2018, Morrissey looked back on these comments with regret. He admitted, “I made some terrible remarks about him 35 years ago… but they weren’t sincerely meant.”

The Cure

Morrissey’s candidness about his peers in the music industry reflects a personality unafraid to voice strong opinions, regardless of their divisiveness. His critiques, ranging from personal jabs to professional analyses, highlight a unique perspective in the world of music. While these views might not align with everyone’s, they certainly contribute to the ongoing discussions about artistic integrity and authenticity in the music world.

  1. Seems that whenever Morrissey opens his mouth he just makes himself look more hollow and clueless. Bitterness is not an appealing trait. It sucks when a band like The Smiths leave a legacy of greatness behind, yet Morrissey lives his life like a bad stain on the music industry.

  2. He’s not wrong … about any of them, really. But he’s become a walking anachronism and it’s probably time for him to take his advice for Bowie.

  3. Well, while I love Morrissey’s music have nearly as long as I’ve loved DM, but he complains too much about other musicians when he should look within first.

  4. Morrissey is a freaking pain in the ass, and his singing is unbearable, he just sings like his nose is stuffed: annoying. Yet, he has an ego of the size of the universe. Go figure!

  5. I’d suggest Tenacious D for their song “Kielbasa”. Worst song ever for someone who is asexual, hates immigrants (especially Poles in the UK) and hates meat.

  6. Morrissey only need look in the mirror for a musician who should disappear. His music is as boring as his take on others.

  7. When he performed with the Smiths, they were fresh and relevant – not wishing death upon anyone but, maybe for his credibility, he should have died young?

    1. Hilarious. Why should anybody take anything he says seriously? He’s clearly joking & knows how the press will predictably take things out of context! Lol

  8. Whilst working a Lady GaGa gig in Manchester a few years ago, I was entering the arena at the rear (loading area) and passed Morrissey as he was leaving barely midway through her set, he jumped in his Porsche and buggered off…obviously not that big a fan.

  9. Just as well all those he’s slagged off are not as low as him and don’t leave petty personal comments about him

  10. Seems to me he is after a dopamine hit. Just doing it for sh*ts and giggles.
    Not that many people care.

  11. Er what is a Morrisey ? Never heard of the Smiths (besides the Crisps manufactures). Interesting read though.

  12. Morrisey a shit singer of shit music with even shitter lyrics, Morrisey is a legend in his own lunch time.

  13. yes, he’s a good singer. and technically a good songwriter. but he seems to be the ultimate hypocrite. he’ll slam anyone or anything at anytime or anywhere and yet he’ll sing depressing songs about being unloved. do the math, dude.

  14. One good song due almost entirely to Johnny Marr’s role in it and the blowhard has been riding the false credibility he gained ever since.

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