The “zenith of the Eagles”, according to Glenn Frey

Glenn Frey

The Eagles’ influence isn’t waning; even decades after the band first began playing live. They’re now setting out on their farewell tour this year, dubbed The Long Goodbye. The band is also aware of this. Glenn Frey was well aware of the band’s success because, despite their original breakup, their popularity kept growing.

He remarked, “While the band did break up in 1980, our music continued without us,” about the Eagles’ enduring popularity even after they parted ways. “It was becoming clearer to me that I would always be an Eagle for the rest of my life, no matter where I went or what I did.”

In January 2016, Frey passed away at the age of 67. When he first joined the group in 1971, it drastically altered the course of the musical group. Along with being a talented musician and songwriter, Frey also had the vision to take a band that could have been good and turn it into something extraordinary. The band members credit his combination of a creative and business-minded mindset for their success.

Don Henley once described Frey as “the glue” of the group, claiming he could foster the group’s development both artistically and commercially. “Being a passionate sports fan, he used coaching concepts to manage this band. He encourages people to do what they do best by recognizing their strengths.

Glenn Frey had a complex opinion about the band, so his assessment of their albums went far beyond simple likes or dislikes. He could analyze an album, determining its impact on the band. Its audience appeal and how it helped them take the path they did would be part of his analysis. In that regard, he was genuinely influential, possessing an in-depth understanding of his band similar to that of sports coaches.

Even though he was pleased with the work the Eagles released, one album in particular stuck out to him. It gained popularity long after they broke up. Naturally, it’s their most well-liked. He described the number-one album Hotel California as “the zenith of the Eagles.” He explained, “What we had to say came together with our learning of how to make records.”

As one of the greatest country rock bands in the world, the band’s reputation was truly cemented with this album. They still carry this mantle today, selling out tours and ranking highly on album lists all over the world thanks to their reputation. Everything, including the songs and the realization of what they could accomplish for the band, revolved around Frey.

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