What did Eddie Van Halen think of David Gilmour?

Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen and David Gilmour are often regarded as two distinct guitar artists. The former is a metal master, combining frantic punk intensity with virtuoso musicianship. In contrast, Gilmour is a master of feel who used the guitar as an extension of his soul, painstakingly selecting each note to create profound sound statements.

Notably, Eddie Van Halen is largely regarded as one of the most technically skilled musicians the world has ever seen. He was the Pasadena Angeles rock band’s internal fire, with his work setting them apart from the multitude of other groups on the California scene at the time.

His piercing sound, which popularized now-ubiquitous methods such as string tapping and dive bombs, energized guitar playing in the 1980s, and while it may have paved the way for a slew of largely criticized groups, there’s no denying that the Amsterdam-born shredder was an innovator. From metalcore musicians to contemporary virtuosos, the electric guitar would lack many of its known characteristics without his contributions.

David Gilmour has one of the most distinct voices in rock. Although audiences have rarely heard him shred like Van Halen, his all-encompassing style pushed the guitar in a futuristic direction, eventually setting the standard for postmodern palettes like shoegaze. Gilmour is part of an important lineage of musicians that includes B.B. King and Peter Green, as well as succeeding masters like as Noel Gallagher and Jonny Greenwood. He prefers feeling above technical peacocking.

Despite being in distinct fields, both men were aware of one other’s work and effusive of appreciation. David Gilmour has famously stated that he hoped he could play like Van Halen and that his visceral technique had influenced rock music. Van Halen was also a huge fan of David Gilmour. When speaking with Doug Fox in 1998, the ‘Eruption’ star discussed his Pink Floyd doppelganger.

 Opinion of Eddie Van Halen on David Gilmour

When asked what one question he would ask his childhood idol Eric Clapton, Van Halen said, “Wow.” I would not have any questions. I would simply say ‘Thank you’. And I have. I’ve met him several times, and it’s fantastic to have met him over the years. Jeff Beck is a great buddy, Jimmy Page is a wonderful darling, and David Gilmour is simply incredible. “All these guys, Clapton, were just regular people making music.”

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