Noel Gallagher names the most overrated music band in history

Noel gallagher

Noel Gallagher, a former member of the band Oasis, is known for saying what he believes, even if it upsets some people.

He has a lot of fans who like his honesty, even though it has made some people mad at him.

He has criticised a number of well-known singers and bands, including Ed Sheeran and Radiohead. He also believes that one band receives far too much praise.

When people express strong feelings for something or someone, Gallagher frequently states that he dislikes them or their work.

Many people adore the band The Beach Boys. In 1966, they released the well-known album ‘Pet Sounds’, which altered the sound of much music.

But Gallagher dislikes The Beach Boys and their music.

In an interview, someone mentioned that his album ‘Who Built The Moon’ (2017) was similar to the music of Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. Gallagher became very upset about this. He stated, “I don’t like Brian Wilson! And you know what? If there’s anyone in music who gets too much praise, it’s him.

Gallagher has previously said negative things about The Beach Boys. In 2011, he appeared on a television show, and the host asked him why he didn’t like American music. They started talking about ‘Pet Sounds’, which the host enjoyed.

Gallagher, on the other hand, asked, “Don’t you think they’re praised too much“? He stated, “The only reason they’re famous is that their name comes after The Beatles in the alphabet, and Paul McCartney enjoys them. They just create simple music. “It is not good.”

Noel Gallagher also said that Brian Wilson “was a cabbage” in 2005, implying that he did not think he was very smart or good at making music.

  1. I guess when someone asks the questio ” Who were the most overrated band in the early 21st century” loads of us will say Oasis. Just saying.

  2. Artists have their own opinion of who they like or dislike just like everyone else. We are all entitled to our own opinions.

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